March 13, 2008

My Lemon Chicken

Im feeling craving of Chinese food and remember my Lee Kum Kee package that I bought in the Chinese shop last month.Its very quick to cook,and I added some ingredients to make it perfect, sweet freshy and spicy.

Gonna need 1 package of Lee Kum Kee Lemon Chicken sauce
2 libras chicken breast fillet,cut as u feel like
2 cloves garlic ,1 onion, green onion ,cilantro leaves, chili flakes
Salt & pepper
For the chicken you need 2 beaten eggs,Corn flour, and Oil to fry
Put chicken in the beaten eggs and dust it with corn flour and fry.Keep aside and arrange in a serving plate.

Put oil to fry garlic and onion. Add Lee Kum Kee sauce, mix it, add salt& pepper,gren onion, Mix it and add cilantro. Pour this sauce on top of chicken and sprinkle with chili flakes as much as u like.
Ready to serve.



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