January 21, 2009

My 1ST order in 2009,

Im happy I could make cakes.
Before I live in Panama,I was only the faithful cake eater,easyly get yum cakes everywhere, but here in Colon,Panama, its very difficult to find a nice cake.
Thanks to internet, to all blogger,especially from almarhumah Bunda Inong,and NCC, I gain alot of knowledge in baking, and now I have another group ,KBB,which is from this group I get another chalenge to conquer a complicated baking world..
Well, Im still a learner, but at least I am proud to myself,I could make nice cakes for me,my family and other people.
Who´s gonna think I could make a cake and cook??? Hayaaaa even my family and friends are surprised bout this..

This cute cake is my 1st order in 2009. Dont look at how much money I get,but the satisfaction after I finished decorated this cake,and after my client happy with the cake. The excitement is a bless.
I could only do with simple butter cream.Planning to learn making rose and the basketwave soon, hopefully as sometimes this mood is up and down......


Retno Prihadana said...

Semoga berlanjut dengan order berikutnnya ya Fon. Jadi pengen icip-icip :)

Elsye said...

kereeennnnnn moga suksess ya buu gue ikutan seneng neh :D


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