August 10, 2007


One of my favourite food. I tried to make it by mixing the green lentil with chickpeas.

1/2 tsp Coriander powder
Fresh Cilantro and parsley leaves
3/4 cup lentil,
1/3 cup Chickpeas,
3 cloves garlic,
1/2 of 1 onion
Chili( kalau mau ada rasa pedes),fresh Parsley, 1tspcornflour, Oil for frying
1 tsp cornflour
1/2 tsp garam masala(Indian spices,if have)
Oil for frying
Soak lentil & chickpeas overnight, cook cheekpeas till tender, and put everything in grinder... taste it...

Heat oil, and put batter with spoon, fry till golden brown... garnish with salad or tahini paste on top of falafel. Serve with hommus and pita bread.

Hommus( deeping )

Chik peas/gorbonzos (1/4 cup soak overnite and cook till tender), garlic( 1 clove), salt, 1tsp olive oil,4 tbsp sesame paste(tahini), juice of lemon. Grind all ingredients..for garnish put little olive oil, and parsley

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