April 27, 2008

My Saturday with Lontong sayur

I remember when I was pregnant,I was craving to eat Lontong sayur. I browsed to internet to found the recipe and at the same day I straight bought all ingredients and cooked them.I cooked the Lodeh, The Semur(without beef) and also the Lontong( with plastics as in Panama they not selling the banana leaves).
Thank God everything came very nice. Me and baby in my womb enjoyed it so much.

Last week, I was craving again of Lontong Sayur so I made this for Saturday menu. I asked my maid to buy evertyhing I need and cooked it on Friday, except the Lontong which I prepared on Saturday

My helpful maid came and brought banana leaves from her house to make this lontong.

I used a threat to tighten the lontong instead of the toothpick as it very loose in the middle part. Well, I thank to my maid for the suggestion.

And my complete Lontong sayur was perfect.

Especially this time I put beef for the semur tahu, and I always mix the lodeh sayur with semur tahu in my lontong.

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