May 6, 2008

Getuk-Coconut Cassava Cake

I miss Indonesia food indeed. This time I imagine getuk in my mouth...
I gave a try to make it and the result well not bad.
Actually, I imagine the getuk which is has red,or brown or soft yellow colour with thin layers and I eat it with grated coconut. But considering about the layers, so I decided to make a simple getuk only.
Anyway it still a getuk.

I only need to steam the cassava and grated coconut( I put a pinch of salt for the coconut). Make sure to steam the cassava till soft enough as we need to mash them.
ANd, prepare sugar its depends how much sweetness u want but getuk is not so sweet,I used brown sugar.

After cassava soft,mash with fork till soft enough for making shape. Mix it with sugar and grated coconut. Make a shape, usually rectangle shape. U can serve it with additional grated coconut and sugar.

1 comment:

Arfi Binsted said...

my childhood kind of memory food! i love it. *jadi pengen singkong*


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