May 31, 2008

Hongkong Airport-Taiwan Beef Noodle Counter

Last February,when we were in Hongkong airport waiting for the next flight to LA, we tried to had a noodle in this counter.A cozy place and they offering free internet facility by order 1 meal or beverage.As we also didnt hungry, then we decided to order only 1 Vegetarian Dumplings Noodle and 1 glass of bubble tea.

For me,the taste of this noodle was too plain and the bubble tea mmm i prefer to have from quick2 or other brand of bubble tea..Ha now I remember last time I had was in New York and that was better compared to this one.


Andrie Anne said...

Duh itu struknya gimana bacanya? hehehe..asyik yah jalan2 terus..ikut dong..:-)

Simplicity said...

kg jalan2 kali..kemarin abis mudik aja..
itu billnya, gue seneng bener ada semua currency disitu hehe,apa norak gue???

Mochachocolata Rita said...

wah bener2 dahhhh gua aja belon pernah nyoba mie taiwan di airport ini, padahal sering ngelewatin hohohoh

bill disini emang bikin mumet...not to mention semua menu juga tulisan chinese semua kekeke


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