July 10, 2009

Peach Cake

So difficult to fight with lazy mood, though everyday I am cleaning my house :)
Like this week,Im so lazy to cook, especially Indian food. My soul wasnt there and affected the food:) poor my Jaan.
Wanna eat manythings yummy, especially spicy food from my hometown or Chinese food, but(sigh)wish someone come and cook it for me..........

Stop talking about my mood, Im trying to updating my blog.
I made this Peach Cake last June, for my friend Cecilia and a daughter of my neighbour.

Love the sponge cake, and the peach.. so fresh to eat.


3/4 cup sugar
3/4 cup flour
4 large eggs
50 gr melted butter( make it cool)
1 can yellow peach in syrup
1 box of heavy cream.

Prepare 2 molds diameter 8cm, Cover with parchment paper.
Heat the oven, 350F.

Beat eggs together with sugar until it rise, make sure its really rise. As this is a sponge cake. AFter its rise about 7cm from the base, add in flour, mix well. Then, add in melter butter. Mix it well.

Pour in the batter to molds, and bake. I forgot how long..but not longer then 30 minutes.Check with tooth pick inserted to cake. If its clean it means DONE.

Let it cool, and remove the cake from mold.

FOr the icing:

beat the cream until thick,and easy to spread.

Prepare 1 cooled cake, spread the cream on top, and arrage some peach on top, and cover with another cake. Cover them all with cream and decorate as u wish.


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Belzy said...

fon, cakep fon cake nya, hebring lo yeee skarang hiasan kuenya makin mantebbbb!!!


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