June 20, 2008

Sweet potato in coconut milk

Do you know that sweet potato are rich in complex carbohydrates, dietary fiber, beta carotene (a vitamin A equivalent nutrient), vitamin C, and vitamin B6 ?

And I also heard that a cup of steam mashed sweet potato has 50000 SI betacarotene, which is equal with the total of betacarotene from 23 cups of broccoli.

Wow, its so amazing for me to knows the fact about it. I do love to eat sweet potato occasionally. I remember my mom usually make this sweet dish(Sweet potato in coconut milk) mixing between the yellow and the white one, or sometimes steam it for breakfast. At that time I just ate without knowing the benefits,or concern bout the nutrition.

Here,after live in Panama,become a housewife, has a kid, I change a little bit. Now, I become curios about whats the fact about this veggie,fruits,and always checking the nutritions from the label of packaging everytime I wanna buy something.

Anyway, back to the main point, this is my sweet potato in coconut milk.

The easiest and healthiest dish. Need only to boil 1 1/2 cups of coconut milk,1/2 panela,and 1/2 libra of sweet potato.If pandan leaf is around thats even better.

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