August 29, 2008

Crazy me (Wonton & Siumay)

Its started from a months ago, when I really craving of wonton and siumay.
And its getting worst while seeing Rita-HK posted about her wontons,perhaps u think its easy just hey why u didt go to Chinese Resto and buy wonton..
Well, if Wonton here in Colon are nice then I would asked my hubby to go and buy for me, unfortunatelly I had tried once long time ago while also craving too much of wonton and ending with a huge sadness as the taste far from my imagination.

Then I tried to found wonton skins while I went to Panama City 2 weeks ago,yes I found it,but with a big doubtness,should I buy or no, as I saw a frozen one, its totally frozen till u could see all the ice inside,and I wondering if I thaw this skins, r they gonna looks so nice and I could perfectly used or gonna break? Too much consideration, I took one,then drop,took again and drop again, then bought others things then back again, took again and finally decide not to take it.(Thats typical me,complicated buyer)

When finally I felt my sense of wonton gone,I saw another wonton in Ayin´s blog. ANd yup, It just like waking up a sleeping wonton to the sense.

So finally, last Wednesday afternoon,when the sun was sooooooooo bright and blank whats too cook for dinner, this wonton idea comes again...and yeahh finally with modal nekat, I made my own wonton skins.

Lucky me in the house I have pork( not so often I have pork in the house, usually I buy in a little quantity only for my Jas though she rarely eat)shrimps, chicken bones after doing chicken fillet for lunch, and tofu(thought for mapo friday)

Preparing everything,make the dough,roll them to make it thinner, stuffing the skin,and steam them(1st time using this bamboo steamer hoho finally after sitting only inside the cupboard).
I was trying hard to remember Rita´sillustration how to fold the wonton and finally end up with up to gue style deh. Frankly,siumay is much easier for me, just imagine siumay shape and tralallala...these are my siumay.And great, my tofu also worked well(Panama´s tofu are sooooo soft,too much water I guess, no idea how to make tahu isi with them ,as sometimes to cut small shape for mapo become very messy,lucky me this time I could do a little bit cut and stuffing.

I prepare 2 ways, wonton &tofu gonna enjoy them with the soup. And siumay with the peanut sauce.

Its sweating alot, but ending with happiness in the nite. I enjoyed my siumay first with peanut sauce and rice...and while I felt I need water, I sipped the soup and had the tofu and wonton, alternately. It was sooooooooooooo perfect!!!!

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Elsye said...

ngilerrrrrrrr..dah lama gue ga bikin somay


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