August 13, 2008

RedWhiteEvent-Cocktails Red&White for My Indonesia & A Bday

Celebrate, dont u wait.. never hesitate...,

Host by Trio Pretty Ladies-Dwiana,Fitri&DHita

Finally, I could celebrate Indonesia Independence Day by sending this picture to Red&White event.

These are my special Coctails for my lovely Indonesia & a bday.

(sent this one for the event)



red said...

Hai..Foni.. thank you atas partisipasi nya, foto nya cantik :-)

Ditunggu hasil akhir nya yaa..

Mochachocolata Rita said...

merdekaaaaaa!!! cocktailnya segerrrr

Elsye said...

kerennnnn Fonnnn..fotonya !
blog lo juga sekarang kinclong...:D

A.G said...

Merdeka.. sory rada telat kasi komentnya hehe... itu marshmalow kan ?


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