August 7, 2008


I made gemblong for my tea time today. And posted in Multiply for MFM-18 as the theme is FLOUR.
It wasnt my plan to put my homemade pineapple jam for the gemblong filling.
My plan was to have them with a toast bread, or put on the cookies.
But I dont know why, I just dropped them in my gemblong dough.

Frankly,nothing too much different for the taste. Only a bit weird while eating this sticky gemblong and felt also the sweetness of pinapple.

Well, anyway I enjoyed my unusual gemblong, and surprised to see my picky Jas didnt mind to eat it.

GEMBLONG RECIPE with filling

Step 1

1/2 cup Glutinous Rice Flour
Pinch of salt
2 tbsp of grated coconut
4 tbsp water
Mix them together, and make a shape.

Filling : Pineapple jam

If you want to put the filling, then put them in the middle before make a shape.

And deep fry until golden colour.

Step 2

In other pan, melt the palm sugar..and soon it melted drop the gemblong, mix it until all covered nicely.


Vania said...

gw suka gemblong... suka bangeeet. Kalo mampir ke Mumbai nitip 1 losin yah. Thx....

Mochachocolata Rita said...

waw, emang biasa daleme apa ya? gula jawa? wawwww


A.G said...

dari kemaren pgn bikin gemblong tp pgn pk ketan item,udah ngalusin pk food processor kok ndak alus-2 :( liak gemblongmu aku jd pgn bikin :)

Elsye said...

doyyannnnnnn...pokoknya makanan fav gue nih fon....


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