September 3, 2008

Spicy Fettucine & Paneer

Who doesnt love pasta?
Well,pasta,noodles r my favourite one.

I always love to cook them,as it easy, tasty,I could just change the ingredients inside and still satisfied me,thats the reason why they´r the must have item in my kitchen and mostly I cook them at least once in a week,in this case sometimes I could eat twice or more in a week :)

My dinner last night was Simple fettucine in Red Sauce with Paneer & chopped green chili.

For small quantity of this Paneer,u have to prepare

2cups of milk
2tbsp vinegar.

Please click this to see how to make a paneer

I have mood to send this one to Presto pasta nights #79 host by Abby.


Retno Prihadana said...

Makanan begini doyanan anakku, kemaren buka dan sahur pake spaghetti. Aku mah...nasi aja, klo nggak nasi laperrrrr...dasar perut ndeso ya, he..he.

Andrie Anne said...

Bagi dong...:-)

Elsye said...

doyaannn...:P, btw fon, napa tulisannya jadi kecil ya..apa kompi gue yang error :D

Abby said...

goregous looking fettucine, especailly with all that wonderful paneer. thanks for sharing with presto pasta nights!



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