May 20, 2009

Chicken Tuturuga/ Chicken With Gravy Coconut Sauce (Ayam Opor Manado)

I loveeeeeeeee Manadonese Food, and because of this month theme fromMASAK BARENG YUK now I know that there is another yummy chicken dishes from North Sulawesi, Indonesia besides my favourites Chicken Rica-Rica or Chicken Woku.

I found this recipe, Chicken TUTURAGA from Helga´s site. Please check her site to see the complete recipe.
Well, actually chicken Tuturuga is an opor ayam (Chicken with gravy coconut milk)in Manado, only the differences are they put many kind of leafs and more chili as Manadonese food are mostly spicy.

As I cant find Kaffir Lime Leafs, Pandan Leaf,ANd Lemon Basil leafs here, so I only dropped Lemon Grass as I only need to go to my balcony :)and plug from the pot ...
But luckylyyyyyy I found CHILI RED in the market...wowwww first time in Panama I saw
them, fast I grab them eventhough it was only 10 pieces of them..anyhow Im gonna plant it. Cant wait to make balado2or any rica-rica dishes:) Hopefully they gonna grow well as last time I plant Green Chili but it was fail one...

Anyway, back to Chicken Tuturuga.. and today only I make my Lontong (Rice wrapped in banana leaf). MOrning after kid went to school, I went down and walked through the pedestrian street, 2 minutes walking distance and I grabbed banana leafs from the tree:)

Recipe for Chicken Tuturuga

1 1/2 libra chicken breast fillet
1/2 Red Onion
3 cloves of garlic
3 candle nuts
6 Green Chili padi
3 Red Chili
3cm ginger
1 Lemon Grass,bruised
1/4 tsp turmeric powder
Light coconut milk 250 ml
Thick coconut milk 250 ml
3 potato small size cut dice.


Wash chicken with lemon and salt.
With mortal & pestle,make paste of ginger,candle nuts,garlic, green&red chili.
In the deep pan, add oil, saute the paste,add in lemon grass, onion. Saute until fragrant,
Put in chicken, saute until chicken 1/2 cook, and pour in the light coconut milk.
Cooked until chicken absorb almost all the milk, and pour in the thick one and potato dice. Add salt.

Serve hot with LONTONG.

I chose this dish as it with coconut milk and imagine the smell of lemon grass and spicy.. hmmmmm
bet it gonna be more wonderful if I have all ingredients.



Masak Bareng said...

thank you
udah ikutan MasBar edisi kali ini...
ditunggu ntar round-up nya yaa... :)

team MasBar

A.G said...

ikut nyobain :D
kemaren aku juga pengen bikin ayam ini tp jd brubah haluan :)

ayamku blm tayang :D masih blm smpt apload

shashakoe said...

wahh enak... bs dimakan pakai lontong... :D

Retno Prihadana said...

waah, keliatan enak banget..mirip ama ayam kari ya Fon. Aku baru nyobain masakan menado cuman ayam rica-rica aja.


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