May 6, 2009

Part 2-One Labour Day

Sooooo, After La Posta, we went back to Multiplaza Mall.
My hubby chose to enjoyed his day off to played in Sheraton Hotel Casino.
In Panama, you could find Casino everywhere. Thats the only entertainment for me & hubby before I have Jasmita. Why? As seeing movie not really attracts me,and clubbing not also my favourite. I guess my time for clubbing is over.

Jasmita loves carousel,everytime we come to MP, she gonna says horse and train.
Meants she wants to ride her horse,she gonna choose the big horse and go around mall with train inside the mall, sometimes I leave her inside train alone, and sometimes I accompany her, somehow when me, hubby nothing to do and bored we all sit together inside the train. 1 person is USD 1, and for Carousel also USD 1.

This is a picture from last February.

Back to the main story, As I felt hungry again, so I took Jasmita to enjoyed our afternoon time sat together in this coffee shop. This is the first time I tried, as many times I passed by,and this place always busy,and my tummy cant accept anything else. So today was the perfect time to try..

Jasmita chose Blueberry Cheesecake, and I chose Chocolate Cake which recommended by the waiter there.

When the bill came,the total is USD14. Quite expensive, as I felt the cakes not so heavenly tasty. I wont come again, gonna try another shop which their cakes also attracts my eyes.

End of story.................

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Elsye said...

hayyahhh asik banget Fon, apalagi Jas keliatan seneng banget tuh puter2an di carosel ;D


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