May 20, 2009

Lontong ( Rice wrapped in Banana Leaf)

For people who knows how to make lontong, just skip this post.

What is Lontong? Lontong is an Asian dish made of compressed rice that is then cut into small cakes.

Popular in Indonesia and Malaysia, the dish is usually served cold or at room temperature with sauce-based dishes such as gado-gado and salads, although it can be eaten as an accompaniment to other dishes such as Satay and curries. It is also used in Soto as an alternative to vermicelli noodles.

I wanna share how I make Lontong.

1. Find banana leaf.
Clean banana leaf, I wipe them with dumb towel. And cut around 22cm length &width 12cm.
2. Wash rice.
Drop in around 4tbsp. Better use double banana leaf for each lontong as it easy to break.
3. Wrap it tightly, and tighter with cooking thread or toothpick.
I always drops them in a water, just too make them a bit soggy..
4. Cook with press cooker is faster. 30 minutes done. Doesnt have one? Boil it but gonna take more time. 90 minutes
5. After it cooked, take them out,and let them cool by put on the bowl with colader and make them stand.
6. Serve with your favourite dish.

More lontong picture: my lontong sayur

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